CAR Wash

At Hacienda Car Wash, we provide exceptional hand-dry car wash services. Need a full detail? We offer that too.


WELCOME to Hacienda car Wash

Hacienda Car Wash has been servicing Rockwall since 1989. We have seen many changes in Rockwall. One thing that will not change is the quality of service we are committed to. We send out a clean car with good service, in a reasonable amount of time. Please let us know if you are not satisfied so we can make it right, and fix the problem as we are not perfect (yet). So enjoy the countryside of Rockwall (while it lasts).

Rockwall Location

2400 S. Goliad St.
Rockwall, Texas 75032

Greenville Location

4711 Stonewall St.
Greenville, TX 75401


Need a car wash or a full detail? Our team has you covered. View our options and pricing below.

Car Detailing



Full Service


Exterior Wash


What Our Customers say


Naomi Reed

“Hands down! The best detailing service I have ever had! The owner is attentive to every detail, text message, scheduling issues, etc. Great positive attitude and customer service! Not a cheap option, but of a great value! And, common, when you drive nice rig you can afford to spend a good amount on car care.”


John Mane

“Excellent hand car wash. You only pay for what you need, have fair pricing, and they are very detailed with cleaning. It took ~25 minutes with 4 cars in front of me for the mid-level wash. They have a nice shaded area to sit and wait.”